5 Best Online Courses for Sustainable UX Design


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Discover the top online Courses for Sustainable UX! Whether you’re passionate about creating eco-friendly products, reducing waste, or promoting ethical fashion, these courses offer valuable insights and practical skills. From learning the basics of sustainable design to exploring renewable energy systems, there’s something for everyone interested in making a positive impact on the planet. Join these Online Courses for Sustainable UX from anywhere in the world and at your own pace, and start designing a greener future today!

5 Best Online Courses for Sustainable UX Design

5 Best Online Courses for Sustainable UX Design

1. Design for Sustainability – London College of Communication

Design for Sustainability is a course for designers and people who work with design, and offers a hands-on introduction to integrating sustainability within the design process. It is multi-disciplinary, and so is applicable to all design disciplines (fashion, product, service, business model, architecture, UX, strategy, etc.).

This four-week course will introduce practical ideas, concepts, and processes through which designers can create more sustainable outcomes at all levels. Design for Sustainability takes you through the basic tools of designing for sustainability: Systems mapping, design thinking for sustainability, circular economy and an understanding of impacts. All aimed at defining and integrating sustainability in your work and you taking ownership of sustainability.

You will learn through a combination of discussions, short lectures, inspirational case studies, introduction to tools, and practical application of tools through hands-on assignment briefs.

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2. Design for a Better World with Don Norman

Don Norman, the father of user experience, puts it bluntly when he says, “the world is a mess.” So, how do we clean up this mess? Through design. Let’s learn how to design for a better world with Don Norman. The Course includes:

  • Designers looking to apply their skills outside traditional roles.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the economic opportunities in sustainable and circular design.
  • Professionals in government and non-government agencies looking to improve the results of their work in various sectors such as education, healthcare and climate policy.
  • Anyone interested in working on large socio-technical problems and looking to design a better world.

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3. Udemy – Use Eco-friendly, Sustainable Design to Improve your Life

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to save money in the areas of energy, water, and lighting for your home
  • Improve your indoor air quality by choosing green finishes and furnishings for your home
  • Be able to explain the difference between eco-friendly and sustainable interior design
  • Understand and apply the main principles of green interior design to your own home
  • Be able to make green selections for all the finishes of your home (e.g., floors, walls, kitchen)
  • Be able to make green selections for all types of furnishings in your home (e.g., furniture, textiles, accessories)
  • Learn where to source green finishes and furnishings for your home
  • Create your own residential eco-friendly interior design plan
  • For design professionals, learn about green certifications/accreditations available to you

4 Green The Web – Green UX/UI Design course

Learn the skills of a Green UX/UI Designer with a self-study or live class supported online course. Conduct sustainability infused research, architect lightweight digital products and design ecologically sustainable features. All through this powerful course experience.

The demand for green UX/UI designers is growing rapidly, and the certified course will show you how to create innovative and creative lightweight digital products with positive impact features.

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5. Become a Sustainable UX Designer

We are setting up the SUX Academy at the moment, where we will offer online courses for individual designers as well as condensed masterclass formats for design- and product- teams. This first online live cohort course of “Become a Sustainable UX Designer” is going to start within a few weeks.

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These Online Courses for Sustainable UX are perfect for anyone who wants to make a difference and create things that are good for the planet. Plus, you can take them from anywhere in the world, at your own pace! So, what are you waiting for? Start learning today and be part of the solution!

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