How to Use Figma Multi-edit Feature


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Figma’s BIG Update – Figma Multi-edit feature which lets designers choose and modify similar objects at once on the design canvas. This boosts productivity and simplifies the process of creating user interfaces.

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What is Figma Multi-edit?

Multi-edit lets users select and edit similar objects across frames and groups. These objects have identical names, such as “Frame 1” or “Label,” and can include frames, groups, shapes, text, and more.

How to use Figma Multi-edit Feature

  1. Identifying Matching Objects:
    • Hold Shift while selecting an object to see if it has matches elsewhere in the file. Blue highlights indicate matching objects.
  2. Selecting Matching Objects:
    • Use the new “select all matching layers” button in the toolbar.
    • Use the keyboard shortcut CMD + OPT + A.
    • Hold Shift and drag from outside a frame to select matching objects within.
  3. Editing Matching Objects:
    • Scale: Objects scale relative to their frames, maintaining their original positions
    • Alignment: Objects can be aligned to their respective frames, not just each other.
    • Transformations: Edit rotation, scale, or position of matching objects with absolute or relative values.
    • Re-parenting Nested Frames: Move matching objects in and out of frames and groups.
    • Copy & Paste: Paste copied objects from multiple frames into matching frames while retaining their positions.

All Features at a glance:

Figma update
Figma update
Figma update
Figma update
Figma update
Figma update

Advanced Features

  • Multi-edit Text:
  1. Edit text content across multiple matching text fields simultaneously.
  2. Apply or create text styles for all selected text layers.
  • Multi-edit with Auto Layout:
  1. Apply auto layout wrap to organize objects within a grid across multiple designs.
  2. Make ordering or visibility adjustments to a single object within an auto layout frame and propagate the changes to all matching objects.


  • Boosted Efficiency: Edit multiple objects at once, saving time and effort.
  • Increased Accuracy: Ensure consistent edits across matching objects, minimizing errors.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Simplify complex tasks such as component creation and variant editing for smoother operations.

Multi-edit enhances Figma’s design toolkit, enabling designers to work swiftly and effectively, thereby aiding in the creation of top-notch user interfaces. With ongoing iterations from Figma, users can anticipate further enhancements and functionalities to enhance their design experience.

Checkout the Figma’s Multi edit playgound resource.

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