W3C Community updates Web Sustainability Guidelines 1.0


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Web Sustainability Guidelines (WCG) are like rules to make the internet better for everyone. They help websites use less energy, load faster, and work for people with different abilities. WCG also say websites should be safe from hackers, respect privacy, and include different languages and cultures. They should give accurate information and let people work together. WCG want websites to keep getting better, like plants growing in a garden. By following these guidelines, we can make the web a friendlier and more helpful place for people all around the world.

Web Sustainability Guidelines

The Web Sustainability Guidelines (WSG) 1.0 give suggestions to make websites and products more sustainable. By following these guidelines, which consider the environment, society, and good governance, you can reduce your impact on the environment. This includes using designs that focus on users, developing websites that load quickly, using renewable energy, and having a sustainable business plan.

However, these guidelines are mainly for the web and don’t cover every aspect of sustainability, like making physical products. Following these guidelines can also make web content easier to use and access. To use them, it’s best to take them step by step. Instead of trying to do everything at once, you can pick a guideline that matches your skills or seems manageable. Sustainable progress is about making small improvements over time, not achieving perfection. Examples and resources in the guidelines can help you put them into practice, and you can explain the benefits to others to get their support.

Status of Web Sustainability Guidelines 1.0 Document

This specification was published by the Sustainable Web Design Community Group. It is not a W3C Standard nor is it on the W3C Standards Track. Please note that under the W3C Community Contributor License Agreement (CLA) there is a limited opt-out and other conditions apply. Learn more about W3C Community and Business Groups.

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