What Actions Can Craft Sustainable & Green UX Experiences


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While many of us might be aware of terms such as “Sustainability” or “Green Tech,” and could probably think of a few ways to implement upon them, there are, however, more than a few challenges that one might face on a daily basis. And this is where Sustainable UX or Green UX can play a crucial role!

The IBM 2020 report suggests that 57 percent of surveyed consumers said they are willing to change the way they shop to help reduce their carbon footprint. It is up to UX designers to conduct research, define the information architecture, create a wireframe, create a prototype, and run tests to help meet this demand.

Sustainable & Green UX Experiences

How action and behaviour can be altered with a Green UX mindset shift

Creating awareness of Carbon Footprint

Identify the core areas where your organization and its processes are creating a harmful environmental impact, and explore strategies to mitigate these effects. Awareness, Analysis, and Action—commonly known as the “3 A’s”—are essential for reducing the carbon footprint generated by individuals or organizations.

  • Begin by evaluating your reliance on private transportation versus public transit. Increasing the frequency and consistency of your use of local public transportation systems can significantly reduce carbon emissions.
  • Consider transitioning to a more plant-based diet to lessen your environmental impact. Assess your current eating habits and explore opportunities to incorporate more vegan or vegetarian options into your meals.
  • Optimize energy consumption in both your home and workplace to minimize waste and reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, actively participate in recycling and upcycling initiatives to divert waste from landfills and conserve resources.
  • Practice mindfulness in consumption by adopting a minimalist approach to shopping. Consider the environmental impact of your purchases and strive to make more sustainable choices that align with your values and goals.

Analyze the questions and answers to take actions that can help reduce your carbon footprint and make an impact! To learn more about your personal impact calculate your carbon footprint contribution today.

Incorporating the Sustainability factor in the UX Design Process

Incorporating sustainable designs not only benefits the environment but also cultivates responsible users. UX designers play a pivotal role in shaping user behavior and can significantly impact the usage of products or services across various industries. By fostering a more sustainable-focused mindset in everyday digital experiences, individuals can make a substantial contribution to reducing their carbon footprint.

  1. Educate on Green Consumerism: UX designers can popularize sustainable thinking through well-known UI/UX design trends. Incorporate in-app green consumerism reminders and daily “green” inspiration in animations and illustrations.
  2. Promote Environmental Awareness: Provide opportunities for users to learn more about environmental problems and help solve them directly within your UX design. Consider integrating features that educate users about sustainability issues and encourage eco-friendly behaviors.
  3. Embrace the 3 Rs: Recycling, Reusing, and Reducing are fundamental principles of sustainability. Incorporate animations or illustrations reminding users about these concepts into several app screens to promote environmentally conscious actions.
  4. Sustainable Marketing: Promote environmental and socially responsible products, practices, and brand values through sustainable marketing initiatives. Inspire clients to incorporate environmentally and socially “conscious” design elements into their brand’s websites and mobile apps.
  5. Lead by Example: Designers can inspire their clients to prioritize sustainability by incorporating environmentally friendly design elements into their brand’s digital platforms. Highlight the importance of sustainability as a corporate value and encourage clients to implement it in their business practices. For example, Lego has successfully integrated sustainability into its tone of voice, serving as a noteworthy example for other brands to follow.
Sustainable & Green UX Experiences

What Sustainable UX can teach users?

  1. Measure your carbon footprint.
  2. Make the experience accessible to all.
  3. Optimize the performance of your website/app or online presence.
  4. Teach sustainability through practice.

Sustainable or Green UX is currently hard to define since there are no measurable, comparable, or standardized criteria or rules for it yet. We are on new ground here and we should start foucsing towards make it green.

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